The Old Clam House Daily Menu

Daily Menu – PDF format


mussels* small 15.99     medium 21.99     large 39.99

shrimp small 15.99     medium 21.99     large 39.99

mussels* & shrimp medium 21.99     large 39.99

crab feast 124.99

combo 49.99

mussels*, shrimp & 1/2 crab

super combo 89.99

dbl Mussels*, dbl Shrimp & whole crab

dbl mussels* OR dbl shrimp & 1/2 crab 49.99

dbl mussels* OR dbl shrimp & whole crab 64.99


house-made crispy kettle bread 1.29

roasted garlic bread 6.99

skillet-roasted sun-dried tomato cheese bread 7.99

fried stuffed olives 6.99

oysters* each 3.29

mignonette sauce


original golden gate clam* chowder cup 9.99 | bread bowl 12.99

clam house whole clam* chowder 12.99

bacon, onions, potatoes, celery in a cream broth

clams* escargot 15.99

garlic parsley butter sauce

clam* toast 16.99

nduja bacon butter

crab cocktail bruschetta 17.99


crab cakes 18.99

(all dungeness) chive butter

crab crostini* 19.99

with thin sliced tuna crudo, avocado arbequina extra virgin olive oil, maldon finishing sea salt

tuna* carpaccio 17.99

jalapeño, arbequina extra virgin olive oil ponzu

calamari* fritti small 16.99 | large 21.99

sweet cherry peppers


simple salad 12.99 | side 9.99

tomatoes, avocado, green onions, croutons, pignoli, extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette

tender baby kale 12.99

bacon bits, onions, bleu cheese, almonds, kalamato olives, dijon vinaigrette

caesar* 12.99

lettuce trio, pine nuts, garlic croutons, pesto base, shaved spanish manchego cheese

iceberg wedge 12.99

pt. reyes bleu cheese dressing, bacon bits

golden & striped organic beet 13.99

avocado, almonds, red onions, pt. reyes bleu cheese

crab louie 26.99

tomatoes, beets, avocado, onions, olives, egg

shrimp louie 24.99

crab & shrimp louie louie 35.98

add: crab 10.99 - shrimp 8.99 - chicken 6.99

WICKED WICHES on our fresh house-made kettle bread

fishwich* 16.99

buttermilk panko-encrusted, extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette slaw

crabwich 18.99

dungeness crab, avocado, onion, melted white cheddar

chickenwich 14.99

grilled onions, sweet cherry peppers, cheddar cheese

burgerwich* 16.99

angus beef, grilled onions, raw milk white cheddar cheese, catsup

choice of: crispy potato vegetables, clam* chowder, salad or french fries - add 5.99

HOT KILLER CRAB (dungeness) in our secret garlic sauce

whole crab 2 plus lbs. 46.99

crab ½ order 1 plus lb. 31.99

lotsa crab (two share) 69.99

too two crab (for three) 89.99

crab feast (four sharing) 124.99


The “Original” Old Clam House CLAM BAKE CIOPPINO* 32.99 | large 49.99 | family size 89.99

clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, white fish fillet potatoes, yams, onions, olives, garlic, corn

kettle of steamed clams* 29.99 | large 49.99 | family size 69.99

potatoes, yams, onions, olives, corn, garlic, parsley

crab enchiladas 22.99 | single enchilada 15.99

(dungeness) ortega peppers, green onions, tomatillo sauce, cheddar

fish* & chips 22.99

fritto misto* 23.99

buttermilk panko-encrusted shrimp, calamari, white fish, crispy potatoes & vegetables

skillet crab omelet 22.99

raw milk white cheddar, avocado & red onions

FISHERMAN'S CATCH acini pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, snap peas, potatoes, yams, onions, olives, corn

branzino* 31.99

mediterranean sea bass fillet, fresh thyme, extra virgin olive oil, maldon finishing sea salt

san dabs doré* 26.99

capers, fresh lemon

basa fra diavolo* 24.99

spicy tomato black olive sauce

salmon* 29.99

white wine lemon butter caper sauce

TURF crispy potatoes, yams, onions, olives, garlic, corn

kettle baked crispy chicken 22.99 | large 39.99 | family size 49.99

garlic, parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme

baby back ribs 22.99


pork chop* 29.99

garlic reduction sauce

petite filet mignon* 39.99

(8oz.) in its natural juices with rosemary & garlic


garlic chicken pasta 24.99

in a cacciatore black olive tomato sauce

crab sun-dried tomato alfredo 27.99 | substitute chicken 24.99

parmigiana garlic cream

clams* black linguini 26.99

garlic, parsley, white wine butter

clams* acini 26.99

(buckshot pasta) in a zesty tomato olive wine sauce

seafood* black linguini 32.99

clams, mussels, shrimp, calamari, fish fillet in a spicy cioppino sauce

linguini 19.99

spicy tomato cream sauce

garlic noodles 17.99

parsley, garlic, paprika butter
add: crab 10.99 - shrimp 8.99 - chicken 6.99

LITTLE RASCALS MENU (12 and under)

fettuccine alfredo 9.99

sun-dried tomato parmigiana cream sauce

spicy pasta 9.99

tomato olive sauce

pasta & butter sauce 9.99

fish* & chips 9.99

chicken & chips 9.99


crispy potatoes & vegetables 9.99

acini pasta 9.99

sun-dried tomatoes & snap peas

steamed vegetables 9.99

french fries 9.99


hot to trout aperol spritz

prosecco gold sparkling

bloody shark chili mary

chili rim

red herring blood orange mimosa

hook line & sinker

gin, vodka, tequlia, rum, lemon, coke

nemo’s nitto mojito

rum, fresh mint, lime, soda

big tuna blood orange margarita

crabby mood aperol margarita

aunt chovie’s moscow mule

vodka, lime, ginger beer

smelly fish mint cooler

bourbon, fresh mint, lime

clam up sangria

red wine, lemon, lime, peach

fish breath basil martini

vodka, basil, dry vermouth

cold fish cucumber martini

cucumber vodka, lime


bourbon, sweet vermouth, dash of fernet

DRAFT BEER Small 7.99     Large 8.99     Liter 10.99

old clam house milwaukee steam beer

anchor steam

modelo especial

blue moon

lagunitas IPA

stella artois belgium


bud light

corona extra


big daddy IPA

o’doul’s non-alcoholic

guinness stout


coke, diet coke, sprite


apple, cranberry, pineapple juices

cock’n bull ginger beer

blood orange juice

straus milk

still or sparkling water 6.99


Bottle 29.99     ½ btl decanted 18.99     glass 9.99

white zinfandel, woodbridge

riesling, st. michelle, washington

Bottle 39.99     ½ btl decant 19.99     glass 11.99

sparkling prosecco, avissi, italy

pinot grigo, antinori st. cristina, sicily

sauvignon blanc, honig, napa

chardonnay, bargetto, monterey

pinot noir, meiomi, california

merlot, bargetto, santa cruz mountins

cabernet, hess select, north coast

malbec, trapiche oak cask, argentina

zinfandel, coppola director’s cut dry creek

Bottle 59.99    

sauvignon blanc, cloudy bay, new zealand

chardonnay, patz & hall, sonoma coast

cabernet, kenwood jack london, sonoma

Bottle 99.99    

champagne, veuve clicquot, france

cabernet, jordan, alexander valley

corkage no charge


espresso dbl

macchiato dbl

cappuccino dbl

latte dbl

mocha dbl

coffee americano

hot or iced tea

arnold palmer



salted caramel vanilla crunch cake

chocolate bomb mint cream

crème brûlée cheesecake

plus sales tax and NO SF healthcare charges

we cannot guarantee that the food served in this restaurant is suitable for patrons with severe allergies. food served here may include, among other things, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, gluten, flour, salt, sugar, dairy, milk, eggs, wheat, meats, poultry, seafood and shellfish.

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poulry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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