About the Clams

Clams at the Old Clam House

Clams: Manila Clams (PEI-Prince Edward Island)

Fresh, farm raised, Manila Clams straight from the beaches of the Puget Sound and the Washington Coast!

Originally arriving mixed amongst pacific oysters that were imported to North America during the 1940’s, this sweet, even cooking clam has become premier to the region.

The meats are full and tender, with a slightly lower salinity than those found in the North Atlantic.

The clams are purged of all sand and grit since they are wet stored until harvest. The clams are as fresh from the water as is possible.


Mussels: PEI Cultured Blue Mussels

Smooth, bluish black D-shaped shell. PEI has earned its reputation for the highest quality standards based on the diligence and pride of Island growers.

PEI blue mussels are grown naturally in nutrient-rich waters, and are self-sustained with no feed or additives.

The result is a mussel renowned for its superior flavor and consistent high quality.

PEI mussels are healthy, nutritious, and are rich in protein and minerals, low in fat, cholesterol and sodium.

Oysters: Sol Azul Pacific Oysters

Sol Azul Pacific Oysters, cultured farm raised in Baja California Sur in Mexico.

The finest organic Pacific Oyster available in freshness, taste and quality (Japanese-Kumamoto).

This cultured technology is used in France and North America allowing the harvest of prime quality oysters in size, texture, appearance and flavor, as demanded by connoisseurs.